Inside a stifling hangar during the Erie Air Fair at Erie Municipal Airport on Saturday afternoon, the flight crew of a B-25 Mitchell twin engine bomber prepared to unleash fury on a Nazi-controlled bridge in Italy.

Well, kind of. It’s 2017 after all and World War II ended 72-years ago. The crew of the aircraft were kids and their parents, and the aircraft was a mock-up of the front part portion of the fuselage.

But the members of the Young Aviators of Colorado, an Auxiliary of the Mile High Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 43, put a great deal of time and effort into the recreation, right down to the rivets holding the fuselage together. (They took issue with a reporter in Oshkosh, Wisc. who wrote that the rivets weren’t the real deal).

“We built this pretty much from scratch,” said Young Aviator Wendy Elliott, 16, of Lafayette. “One of the adults started it as a tree house, and he never finished it.”

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Pat Miller, a cofounder of Young Aviators of Colorado, said the kids who built the aircraft went to great lengths to make the project as close to the actual fuselage of a B-25 (the man who ordered the realistic .50-caliber machine guns on the top turret and nose temporarily lost his airport security clearance.).

“They are learning about history,” Miller said, whose father was a bomber crew member during WWII. “Some of this is just as much fun for the parents as it is for the kids.”

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Source:: The Denver Post – News

Erie Air Fair visitors duel with “bad guys” at safe distance

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