Automakers are showing off some wild concept vehicles at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, which kicked off Saturday and will run until November 5.

Here’s a look at some of the most futuristic vehicles on display.

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The Japanese auto parts maker Toyoda Gosei is showing off its concept car called the Flesby. The one-seater vehicle features rubber on the outside, which acts as a cushion in case of an accident. The company calls the material e-rubber and says that LED lights can shine through the rubber to communicate with pedestrians nearby.

Source: Toyoda Gosei

Mercedes’ Smart Vision EQ FourTwo is also on display. The vehicle is meant to be a robot taxi and uses screens on the outside to greet passengers and communicate with pedestrians.

Yamaha revealed a wild-looking concept truck called the Cross Hub. Yamaha said the vehicle is meant to be a “lifestyle car,” built to connect the outdoors to the city. It has seating for four people and can fit two motorcycles in the truck bed.

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These are the most bizarre cars at the Tokyo Motor Show

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