Whether you’re entertaining zombies or hosting a “Walking Dead” premiere party, the big question has always been, “What wine pairs best with brains?”

Oh. You never asked that? Shoot.

Well, we’ll share the answer anyway, because “Walking Dead” is returning to the airwaves on Feb. 25 and as any post-apocalyptic survivor or TV-watching party host can tell you, preparation is everything. As it turns out, the “Walking Dead” folks have answered the “what wine to serve” question by launching their own pop culture-wine spinoff, following the trend started by “Downton Abbey” claret, “Fifty Shades of Grey” Red Satin blend and others.

The new “Walking Dead” California wine line includes a Blood Red blend and a cabernet sauvignon ($19 each), with augmented reality labels that let the dead rise once more. You download a Living Wine Labels app, available via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, then point your smartphone at the bottle, whose label leaps to virtual life. Let’s just say, those ravenous undead walkers are coming for you and your phone may not survive. But at least you won’t go thirsty.

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If you’re into 19 Crimes wine and that wine line’s augmented reality labels, you’ve seen this in action. The same app works on these, as well as on select bottles from Beringer Brothers and Chateau St. Jean, although none of those has quite the je n’ais se quoi of Rick Grimes going head to undead head with zombies.

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Wine pairings for “Walking Dead” fans

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