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OAKLAND — The question caused TNT analysts Reggie Miller and Chris Webber to laugh loudly, defend Warriors coach Steve Kerr and strongly critique the Phoenix Suns.

What did the former NBA stars think of Kerr allowing his players to run the huddles during the team’s 129-83 victory over the Suns on Monday? After both laughed for nearly five seconds, both Miller and Webber strongly defended Kerr’s coaching tactics, while dismissing Suns players that considered the move to be disrespectful.

“You can’t be sensitive. That’s the problem with these young guys,” Miller said on a conference call on Tuesday to promote TNT’s coverage of NBA All-Star weekend in Los Angeles. “You can’t be sensitive. Stop crying. Play better. Work harder together.”

Moments later, Webber argued the Suns’ reaction “shows to me that you were on those teams that got trophies for just coming to the tournament.” Miller laughed and then interjected: “participation trophies!”

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“Yeah, participation trophies,” Webber said. “We don’t cry about losing like that in the NBA. This isn’t college football where guys are scared to run it up [on the scoreboard]. No, you run it up. There’s a 24-second shot clock for a reason.”

For nearly 7 1/2 minutes, Webber and Miller criticized the Suns (18-40) for having the second-worst record in the Western Conference while defending Kerr’s methods. Though the Warriors (44-13) have the NBA’s best record, they have fought season-long complacency after winning two NBA titles in the past three years. The Warriors became more concerned with that trend after losing three games in a recent four-game stretch.

“I like the message that Steve Kerr [sent],” Miller said. “Look, his voice is not resonating in that locker room. So why not change something up?”

So instead, Kerr had veteran forward Andre Iguodala organize morning shootaround while veteran center JaVale McGee led film study. During timeouts, Kerr handed his clipboard to his veterans to draw up plays on a clipboard while his staff stood off to the side. Iguodala, Draymond Green and David West spoke the most during timeouts, showing both their assertive personalities, experience and basketball IQs.

“Kerr knows his guys better than anyone. Very honestly, I think it was a brilliant move as far as chemistry,” Webber said. “But I don’t think it was a stretch as far as …read more

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TNT’s Reggie Miller, Chris Webber defend Steve Kerr allowing players to run huddles in win over Suns

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