It was going bad fast.

Christina Zambrano watched Sunday, Feb. 11, as the bobbing man in the ocean, with his shirt, pants and shoes still on, laughed along with friends looking down at him from the Huntington Beach Pier.

Then, the pier jumper tried to swim to shore.

Despite the ocean appearing peaceful, the man quickly realized he wasn’t going anywhere as he tried to swim. His chuckles quieted as he waded in the water, helpless.

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“He was tiring out fast,” said Zambrano, who was out for a leisurely stroll with her family when she heard the commotion and captured the incident on video. “When you see him trying to move, he wasn’t going anywhere. He had his pants and shoes on. He was struggling.”

Lifeguards hadn’t yet caught wind of the pier jumper. A few surfers paddled by, assuming the man was just messing around.

Then, the jumper tried to hold onto the barnacle-covered pylons. But that didn’t last long.

An unidentified surfer paddling by realized the man was struggling. The video shows the surfer paddle over to him. The pier jumper then grabs onto the surfer’s neck, scrambling to get on his rescuer’s board.

The surfer put the distressed swimmer on the front of his surfboard, then laid behind him, both paddling to shore.

Lifeguards took over as the pair got closer to the shoreline, Zambrano said.

Huntington Beach Marine Safety Lt. Claude Panis said it is believed the man was intoxicated.

Panis said it’s illegal to jump from the pier, though he was unsure if the man was cited because lifeguards have to witness the person jumping.

It’s the latest in a string of pier jumps, some possible suicide attempts.

A week prior, a woman identified as 18-year-old Jessy Cook died after jumping from the same pier. Panis said it’s unknown if it was an attempted suicide, but said it was impossible to accidentally fall from the pier because of railings.

On Sunday, lifeguards rescued another woman who jumped from the pier in Newport Beach, that one a suicide attempt, said Newport Beach Battalion Chief Brent Jacobsen.

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Video: Surfer rescues fully clothed Southern California pier jumper

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