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An east-west divide develops in the UK

Has Britain got an east-west divide? Analysis of data from the Office for National Statistics found that across the Midlands and the North, the growth of the west has been twice as fast as that of the east since the 2008 financial crisis. Between 2009 and 2016, economic output per head rose by 9.2% combined in the West Midlands and the North West but only by 4.6% in the East Midlands, Yorkshire and the North East.

Warning of 30% surge in household debt repayments

The government has been warned that British households could face a 30% rise in debt repayments over the next five years as interest rates go up. The forecast, revealed by a freedom of information request to the Office for Budget Responsibility, has prompted the Resolution Foundation to warn that rate rises could hit millions of low-income families currently getting by thanks to cheap credit.

Are Netflix joining the football bidding war?

Bidding is ongoing for two remaining live football packages after Sky and BT Sport agreed to pay £4.464bn to broadcast Premier League football games for three seasons from 2019-20. The Premier League says there is interest from “multiple bidders” for the remaining packages of midweek and bank holiday fixtures. There is speculation that Amazon, Facebook, Twitter or Netflix have entered the bidding.

Remington files for bankruptcy as gun sector suffers

American gun manufacturing giant Remington has filed for bankruptcy, reports The Guardian. Remington is using bankruptcy laws to offload $700m of its $950m in debt. Profits at American Outdoor Brands, the owner of Smith & Wesson, have fallen 90% year over year, …read more

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Wednesday 14 February 2018

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