Remember the days when Pat Robertson called Bill Clinton “debauched, debased and defamed”? Neither do they.

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Our country’s most prominent evangelicals – those arbiters of godliness who tell us who to love, how to pray, and how to live – continue to show robust support for a serial adulterer who has been divorced twice, fathered at least one child out of wedlock, paid hush money to a girlfriend, and has, shall we say, a tenuous grasp of virtuous behavior.

The preachers still venerate President Trump, even after Stormy Daniels blasted a hole in their moral code and tested how far they can stretch their hypocrisy.

As it turned out, they go as far as any other Trump apologist in this burlesque comic opera.

L’Affaire Stormy would be a five-alarm inferno for any other president, but in the Trump White House it is routine sleaze, leaving the porn factor aside. And it would have been forgotten were it not for a Wall Street Journal report that revealed a $130,000 payoff by Trump’s attorney to Daniels in October 2016, which may have violated election law.

But it didn’t register on the moral barometers of evangelical leaders.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council said, “We kind of gave him an, ‘All right, you get a mulligan. You get a do-over here.'”

Robert Jeffress, pastor of the powerful First Baptist Church in Dallas, assured Fox News that “Evangelicals know they are not compromising their beliefs in order to support this great president.”

Franklin Graham affirmed that “while he is not President Perfect,” Trump does have “a concern for Christian values.”

Jerry Falwell Jr. said, “We all need Christ’s forgiveness, and that’s why evangelicals are so quick to forgive Donald Trump when he asked for forgiveness for things that happened 10, 15 years ago.”

All that must be of great comfort to Melania Trump.

No one said there wouldn’t be moral ambiguity in the Age of Trump, but these men lost their gag reflex long ago.

When Trump showed moral cowardice after Charlottesville by refusing to condemn Neo-Nazis, Falwell called the president’s words “bold” and “truthful.”

When Trump flaunted his racism in his characterization of Haiti and African nations, Jeffress said, “President Trump is right on target in his sentiment.”

When Trump gave his support of an accused pedophile’s candidacy in Alabama, they all fell in line, as Roy …read more

Source:: New Jersey Real-Time News


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Holy hypocrisy! Evangelical leaders say Trump’s Stormy affair is OK | Editorial

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