Dennis Alexander teacher, Dennis Alexander fires gun

A high school teacher in California accidentally fired a gun in a class full of students during a demonstration on gun safety Tuesday afternoon.

Dennis Alexander, a long time teacher, a former Peace Corps volunteer, is involved in scores of community-based programs as a volunteer, a reserve police officer, teaches his math class in Spanish, and is Mayor Pro Tem of the city of Seaside, apologized to his students and was then placed on leave following the incident.

1. California Teacher Dennis Alexander Fired a Gun Accidentally in a Law Enforcement Class

Seaside High School teacher Dennis Alexander fired a gun during his ‘Administration of Justice’ class in Sand City, California Tuesday afternoon. Alexander was demonstrating how to handle a gun safely when it fired.

Under California law, teachers are not permitted to be armed. Alexander is a reserve police officer for the Sand City Police Department and while had a permit for the gun, it’s illegal for him to possess much less handle it, especially loaded, in a classroom.

Alexander was showing the teens how to disarm someone and had the gun pointed up when it went off hitting the ceiling, shattering a section and pieces fell to the floor.

2. Police Said There Were No Serious Injuries , But 3 Students Were Hurt

City of Seaside, California where Sand City Police Reserve Officer and teacher Dennis Alexander fired a gun inside a classroom.

The Seaside Police Department said there were no “serious injuries” in the incident. But a father told local media he and his wife were shocked when their 17-year-old son came home from school with blood on his shirt and shell fragments in his neck. The father, Fermin Gonzalez said his son was hurt when fragments flew after the bullet ricocheted off the ceiling and embedded in his son’s neck. The parents took the teen to the hospital but were angered that neither school officials nor police notified them of the incident or their son’s injuries. The family filed a police report.

3. Alexander Was Placed on Administrative Leave From the Sand City Police Department

Sand City Sand City logo

The chief of police told local media he had “concerns” about why Alexander had a loaded firearm in the school, which is prohibited and then fired it, albeit accidentally, in a classroom of kids.

Sand City Police Chief Brian Ferrante told local …read more



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