Facebook needs to explain privacy settings

Re: “‘We didn’t do enough,’” April 12.

Facebook’s privacy settings are the flashing VCR clock of our time.

It’s not that we don’t want to change the privacy settings, it’s that the buttons are hard to find and confusing. Many users choose to leave everything alone because they don’t understand, or they’re afraid they’ll mess things up.

Mark Zuckerberg says protecting the Facebook community is more important than maximizing profits.

Facebook needs to clearly explain what everything means in simple terms, or risk losing its profits and its community to a new shiny thing waiting in the wings, the way VCRs did.

Tony Rino, Calgary

Pot smoking shouldn’t be a problem

Re: “Council votes to ban consumption of pot in public,” April 6.

Since the city and the province have stopped smoking in public restaurants, lounges and bars, I imagine that there will be no consumption of marijuana in public.

However, at present, Calgary has seen numerous hookah and shisha lounges and bars open, where patrons can freely partake in smoking.

If one can sit and smoke with a hookah pipe, why could they not smoke weed, which we all know is just a natural substance?

Jim Jones, Calgary

Albertans no strangers to long surgery waits

Re: “Alberta Health has ‘work to do,’ as surgery waits grow,” April 12.

Reporter Keith Gerein tells us of worsening Alberta wait times for common surgical procedures.

Alberta Health Services acknowledges issues with surgical capacities. Albertans know this too well. Wait times soared for Calgarians when the former government reduced hospital beds by half despite a surging population.

Then, chronic underfunding of new and old infrastructure served to further reduce usable capacity.

We are not the only province in such a state. International agencies now score Canada in the bottom tier of 11 advanced nations. We rank ninth, besting only France and the United States.

The 2018 C.D. Howe Institute report also states that Canada’s health-care system ranks poorly by comparison to peer nations. Most condemning are the wait times.

Neither Canada, nor Alberta, will break out of the bottom tier without substantial investment in caregivers and infrastructure.

Ralph Coombs, Calgary

Games could leave valuable legacies

Re: “The benefits of hosting,” Roger Jackson, Opinion, April 7.

I would like to add my thoughts to Roger Jackson’s opinion piece on hosting the 2026 Olympic Games.

On the compelling business opportunity: why hasn’t Ken King or a similar group of sports-minded entrepreneurs come forward with a public-private partnership proposal?

It …read more

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