Foreign car makers doing more for the health of our children than American car makers

When Jimmy Carter was president, he mandated a miles-per-gallon standard for automobiles, which was bold but foreign car companies were mostly achieving these goals.

Along came Ronald Reagan and Republicans who were in the pockets of auto manufacturers and oil companies. Out went the mandates. For their personal profits, my children and another generation of Americans had to breathe more poison than we should have.

Here comes Trump and the Republicans playing the same game. President Obama mandated bold fuel standards, then Republicans threw them out. I was pleased when Obama saved American car companies, mainly because of the jobs that were saved. However, if American car companies keep spending money on politicians instead of technology, they can all fail as far as I’m concerned.

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When it comes to the health of America’s children, Toyota, Nissan and Honda have done more for America than any American car or oil company.

Kevin Bryant

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Letter: Toyota, Nissan and Honda doing more for the health of our children than American car makers

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