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As consulting firm MediaLink’s “chief transformation officer,” former Mondelez CMO Dana Anderson’s job is to help brands tide over the influx of changes facing the ad industry.
While cost-cutting and efficiency are always ongoing concerns for CMOs, coming up with a new ad agency model is top of mind at present, she says.
Anderson recommends her clients the “kitchen table” model, where they figure out how multidisciplinary teams can be right-sized for growth.

Former Modelez chief marketing officer Dana Anderson raised some eyebrows last year, when she departed the packaged goods giant (known for brands ranging from Ritz to Oreos) to take on a role with MediaLink — the advertising consulting firm that works with both clients and ad agencies.

But with the ad industry is total flux, as brands have to deal with a changing ad agency model and a messy digital ad ecosystem, Anderson has a big opportunity to help marketers navigate this world as Medialink’s “chief transformation officer.”

Business Insider caught up with Anderson to talk more about what she dubs the “kitchen table” model, and why more brands should consider following suit.

Tanya Dua: It is clearly a period of transformation in the industry. But what does your role actually entail?

Dana Anderson: My title is chief transformation officer, and we called it that because change is never-ending, companies have to move fast, it’s hard and people sometimes get exhausted. So we have to find ways for not just individuals, but for teams to work in new ways and in a way that the result is effective. We sit down with our clients to figure what things need to be changed to make their businesses work better, divide them into four or five buckets, and then help them tackle those buckets one by one.

Dua: What are some of these buckets or challenges that clients often need help with?

Anderson: It’s unique, depending on the client. Sometimes, they need new methodology for strategy and they can’t get to clear strategies because they’re working in the wrong way or they don’t have a framework that works. Sometimes they’re not briefing agencies well and they need to learn how to do that. We’re doing a lot of work on content strategy with people, and sometimes it’s new ways of working or partner selection, capability building, organizational structures, engagement models, things like that.

Dua: As a former CMO, what were some of the biggest …read more

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The former marketing chief of packaged goods giant Mondelez thinks ad agencies ‘haven’t evolved as quickly’ as they need to

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