Canadians poorly served by political leaders

Re: “We’ll get the pipeline built,” April 16.

This is the battle that exemplifies the hypocrisy and incompetence of three painfully immature governments.

We have our post-nation fearless leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, flapping in the wind after destroying Canadian energy investment (NEB regulations, taxes, Energy East, Northern Gateway cancelled), now generously offering up taxpayer dollars to save face.

In Alberta, we have Premier Rachel Notley, our climate idealist, job killing, carbon taxing, investment destroyer, panicking that United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney will annihilate the NDP in 2019, also generously offering up our tax dollars to “save” Kinder Morgan.

And then there’s the star of the show, B.C. Premier John Horgan, the puppet of the minority environmental hysterics, throwing away buckets of money on legal fees to endlessly fight a foregone loss in court, the consequences be dammed.

And who says politicians don’t make a difference?

Karen Snyder, Calgary

Horgan puts self-interest ahead of nation

B.C. Premier Mike Horgan is currently in the best job that he has ever had, and probably the best job he will ever have.

His ability to maintain his current posting is being determined by three Green party MLAs, whose misguided agenda is set to cripple a vital and once dynamic resource industry.

It would appear that he is willing do anything to keep what he thinks he has earned, and to hell with the rest of us.

Gary Peddle, Calgary

Ban on firepits is long overdue

Re: “Thumbs up to pot ban,” Editorial, April 14.

The City of Calgary has banned both cigarette and marijuana smoke from many areas, and yet has not made any effort to ban firepits, which affect a greater number of people over a larger area.

Even though spring has yet to really arrive, firepit season began last weekend, putting a blanket of noxious smoke over my neighbourhood, which infiltrated houses even with the doors closed.

For those people with breathing issues, there is no escape from it, as it comes in the intake vents of furnaces, which are still working at full blast because of the cold weather.

Wood smoke contains many toxic chemicals, such as benzenes, formaldehyde, dioxins and furans, and it puts non-smokers at as much risk of lung cancer as other types of smoke.

If city council is serious about lowering the risk of second-hand smoke to taxpayers, this is an obvious place to start.

Catherine Laureshen, Calgary

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