Nev Schulman has been accused of sexual misconduct and Catfish has been temporarily suspended pending an investigation. The name of the accuser has not been officially released, but several sources, including Page Six, are saying it is Ayissha Morgan, 20, a former guest on Catfish from Season 4. On YouTube, she posted two videos accusing an unnamed host and a production assistant of sexual harassment and misconduct, and she previously named Catfish as the show in a Facebook post from a January. MTV has temporarily suspended the television show pending an investigation. It’s not known yet if the suspension is stemming from Morgan’s accusations.

Here is what you need to know about Morgan. This is a developing story.

1. Ayissha Morgan Made the Accusations on Her YouTube Channel

Ayissha Morgan has made two YouTube videos accusing a show she was on three years ago of sexual misconduct. She did not name the people she was accusing, but some sources have said this is about Catfish since she appeared on the show three years ago. Instead, she referred to the two main people on the show as “Jack” and “John.” You can see part one of her video above.

“This video I’ve done three times… I had so many different opinions in my ear… I wanted to really figure out what I wanted to do and how I wanted to approach the situation before I put the video out… I decided to change the name and just put in the title the Truth… With the show still being on the air and so many girls still doing the show, I’d feel like a **** if something happened and I hadn’t said anything.”

Morgan has accused Schulman and an unnamed female production assistant of sexual misconduct while she was on Catfish three years ago. She shared her allegations on a two-part series for her YouTube channel. You can watch Part 2 below.

Morgan said she was uncomfortable when “Jack” was constantly complimenting her and saying things like “You look like a doll” and “You’re so pretty.” She claims that he constantly questioned whether she was a lesbian, asking if she might be bisexual, and trying to get her to go on a date. The other male on the show, “John,” told him he needed to calm down and back off. She said that on the episode, she was sitting as far on the edge …read more



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