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I took a class at The V. Club, a studio in New York City that offers courses on sex, relationships, wellness, and motherhood.
One of the more popular classes teaches students how to have a vaginal orgasm.
The class focused on strengthening the pelvic floor and learning slow, shallow sex positions.
Although the class uses sex as its main draw, the whole experience felt surprisingly meaningful and liberating.

It was a Tuesday night and I was locked in a room telling a stranger about my vagina.

To be clear, I was there by choice. I was attending a master class at The V. Club, a studio in New York City that offers courses on sex, relationships, wellness, and motherhood, and my instructor — a kind and knowledgeable woman named Maranda — was trying to help me improve my sex life by teaching me how to have a vaginal orgasm.

“We don’t just want you to be having orgasms now,” Maranda said to me by way of introduction. “We want you to be having orgasms until you’re 90.”

It’s hard to find fault in that.

The course that I took — entitled “Ladies Come First” — is described on The V. Club website as a class that, among other things, focuses on unlocking “feminine power” and helping one achieve the “elusive” vaginal orgasm (AKA a G-spot orgasm).

The class is quite long (four hours in total) and can be taken in one sitting or two separate sessions. I chose the latter. Here’s what I learned during my brief stint as a student of orgasms.

Achieving a vaginal orgasm starts with strengthening the pelvic floor.

During the first class, Maranda and I discussed our respective sex lives. She told me her whole sexual history — when she lost her virginity, how sex has been since, and, specifically, what kind of orgasms she’d been having. To my surprise, I found myself following suit.

Then, we moved on to the main topic of the class: the pelvic floor.

We started off by defining what the pelvic floor is — a layer of muscles that help support one’s internal organs. The pelvic floor is important because it relates directly to vaginal orgasms and overall reproductive health. It also weakens over time, particularly for women who have had children, which makes it harder to orgasm.

We then moved on to discussing

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I took a class that teaches you how to have a vaginal orgasm — and it was surprisingly liberating

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