With nearly as many people (especially Millennials) moving away from the crowded and expensive Bay Area as those moving into the crowded and expensive Bay Area, places like Austin and Phoenix are beckoning these Northern California expats like some exotic, moderately-priced low-hanging fruit.

And, according to a new survey by realtor.com, Santa Clara residents are pulling up roots in greater numbers than in any other California county. In other words, scores of folks are saying to Silicon Valley: been there, done that.

But what is about, say, Reno or even Alameda here in the Bay Area that is seducing the region’s most restless and disgruntled?

Well, start with home prices and work your way down from there.Related Articles

People are fleeing Silicon Valley for Nevada, Texas and Idaho, report finds

Check out this slide show of a few of the destinations that Northern Californias are buying into after handing in their Northern California membership cards. And compare each city’s stats to these of Santa Clara County:

Median home price: $1.29 million
Average yearly inches of rainfall: 16
Population: 1.9 million
Temp high/low: 81/41
Comment from Bestplaces.net: “I moved to Silicon Valley (from Alabama) in September 2005 and I have been here almost 2 years now. My opinion of Santa Clara, and this area in general, is very mixed. The 2 MAIN things that take getting use to here is the cost of housing and the people. I am sure many are familiar with the cost of living here and many assume that what you make at your job evens it out in a way. Well, that may be true for people who are just starting their careers out of college, but thats not talked about. Its not that people are rude here, but unlike in the deep South, people in the Silicon Valley dont just talk to a stranger for no reason. They dont say hello to you when they see you coming and going to work and they rarely help a woman who obviously needs help with her groceries.”

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Source:: The Mercury News – Latest News


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Check out some of the places Bay Area residents are moving to

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