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A Joker “Suicide Squad” spin-off movie starring Jared Leto is reportedly in the works, but it’s not the only DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. project in development. In fact, it’s not even the only Joker solo movie that could be coming your way.

Warner Bros. and DC’s answer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe got fully underway in 2016 with the DC Extended Universe. “Man of Steel’s” spiritual sequel “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Suicide Squad” were both released to underwhelming response.

The universe’s troubles have continued since.

The culmination of it all, “Justice League,” failed to deliver both commercially and critically last year, as it made only $657 million worldwide and has a 40% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. The only DCEU movie that has been both a financial and critical success has been “Wonder Woman.”

Despite this, DC movies keep being announced, though the road to cinemas has been a rocky one for some. The Flash movie has cycled through various directors, a Batgirl movie lost screenwriter Joss Whedon, and there are apparently two Joker movies in development. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The DCEU has been such a headache that Warner Bros. is reportedly rethinking its approach, and trying to downplay the interconnected stories to focus on more standalone features similar to “Wonder Woman,” which was set in the past and mostly removed from the universe.

It’s hard to juggle it all, so Business Insider has rounded up all of the DC movies that have either been confirmed or reported to be in development, and tried to make sense of where they all are in the process. But the status of some movies is so unknown that they weren’t even worth including on the list, such as a “Man of Steel” sequel, a Cyborg movie, and a female-centric “Gotham City Sirens” film. It’s safe to say that these movies are too far in development hell to even consider right now.

Below is every DC movie currently in the works:

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“Aquaman” comes to theaters December 21. It’s directed by “Saw,” “The Conjuring,” and “Furious 7” director James Wan and stars Jason Momoa in the title role. He first appeared as the character in “Justice League.”


“Shazam!” is based on a DC Comics character named Billy Batson, a young …read more

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All of the DC Comics movies currently in the works, including a movie starring The Rock

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