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Stunned fans of the culinary world’s shock-jock Anthony Bourdain took to social media on Friday with a chorus of heartbreak and disbelief over the chef-turned-global-celebrity’s suicide in the north of France.

Twitter and Facebook, once again, became virtual town squares where Bourdain’s faithful gathered to mourn the loss of the world-traveling bon vivant.Related Articles

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In the San Francisco Bay Area, a corner of the world Bourdain knew well and loved enough to bring his show, No Reservations, back in 2009, and his latest show, Parts Unknown, in 2015, the grieving was nearly palpable. For a city spoiled rotten with world-class restaurants, and a region that has spawned more foodie trends that you can count on two hands, the shocking demise of this culinary rock star shook the ground that through the decades has given birth to everything from Chez Panisse to Stars to Swan Oyster Depot to State Bird Provisions.

La cheffe deux étoiles (Atelier Crenn à San Francisco) salue la mémoire de Anthony Bourdain https://t.co/yJ5QwrOHCl

— Christophe Vogt (@christophevogt) June 8, 2018

Anthony Bourdain was a lot of things to a lot of people. As a dedicated blue belt, he was a passionate member and ardent supporter of the global jiu-jitsu community. I loved seeing him train with Kurt Osiander and his crew in San Francisco on his show. He will be missed.

— Waubgeshig Rice (@waub) June 8, 2018

My visits to many cities were influenced by his exploits. San Francisco, Montréal, Paris…and more yet to come. He influenced my approach to travel and made me laugh with his acerbic, honest humanity. I’m gutted. @Bourdain

— Kevin Brouwer (@kevinbrouwer) June 8, 2018

Here’s a bootleg video of that time Bourdain was like, sure I’ll feature food in San Francisco on CNN – now let me let Bobby Seale and history teach you some things about government suppression of civil rights activismhttps://t.co/sZVDOB86UE

— Sarah J. Jackson (@sjjphd) June 8, 2018

@Bourdain at Swan Oyster Depot in #SanFranciscohttps://t.co/J2k0TsN9Fk

— •»» “”• (@rositabella415) June 8, 2018

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Anthony Bourdain’s suicide leaves his beloved San Francisco Bay Area shocked and saddened

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