Geordie Greig.

The pro-Remain editor will replace Paul Dacre – but what does this mean for the newspaper’s stance?

There’s excitement among Remainers this week as Geordie Greig, the Mail on Sunday’s editor, will take over from Paul Dacre at the Daily Mail.

Constantly clashing with its sister title – Britain’s most fiercely pro-Brexit paper, responsible for front pages such as “Enemies of the People”, “Crush the Saboteurs” and “House of Unelected Wreckers” – the Mail on Sunday under Greig even ran a two-page editorial officially endorsing Remain ahead of the EU referendum in 2016.

“Those who would have you believe in the plucky Little England of the past are selling a dangerous illusion,” it read, lamenting the “nebulous promise, made by people who may not be wholly sincere about it, and who in any other circumstances would probably be at each other’s throats, is not enough to make us take the biggest national leap of faith in living memory”.

So will Greig, described in today’s Guardian as “a staunch remainer”, take the Daily Mail on a new path, away from Dacre’s frothing euroscepticism?

Tonally, yes, substantially, no – according to insiders.

Firstly, Dacre is still going to be around – and in an influential role as chairman and editor-in-chief of Associated Newspapers (which owns the Mail titles as well as Metro), advising the head of the Daily Mail’s parent company DMGT, Jonathan Harmsworth (known better as Lord Rothermere).

Yes, Greig is very chummy with the Rothermeres – he’s close to Claudia, Lady Rothermere – but this doesn’t mean his relationship with them will be any different from in his previous job as MoS editor.

While the Rothermeres may have a more liberal attitude towards Brexit than their main newspaper, this is unlikely to be enough to let Greig completely off the Brexit wagon. Rothermere is known to be hands-off proprietor (Dacre thanked him for “the freedom to edit without interference” when he announced his resignation), so won’t suddenly be using Greig as a political mouthpiece.

Rothermere is domiciled in France, where the couple live most of the time, so he won’t suffer the consequences of Brexit as directly as other business owners. Plus the Daily Mail is Britain’s top-selling paper: why change the stance of a successful product?

Yet “the shoutiness” of the paper’s Brexit fervour is expected to diminish, according to a former Daily Mail journalist who’s worked with both men. The coverage is said to …read more

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Will Geordie Greig make the Daily Mail less Brexit?

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