Many people are familiar with Kim Jong Un’s brother who was assassinated with poison in 2017: Kim Jong Nam. But not as many people know that Kim Jong Un actually has another brother named Kim Jong Chul (sometimes spelled Kim Jong Chol.) He stays mostly out of the spotlight, preferring to play in a band and attend concerts. Read on to learn more about Kim Jong Chul and see photos of him.

1. Kim Jong Un Has Three Living Siblings

GettyNorth Korean leader Kim Jong-un (C) walks along the Jubilee bridge during a tour of some of the sights on June 11, 2018 in Singapore.

Kim Jong Un has three living siblings who stay mostly out of the spotlight. Kim Jong Chul was born in 1981 to Kim Jong Il and Ko Yong Hui (also Kim Jon Un’s mother.) It’s not known how close the two brothers are, or if they’re close at all.

Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jung, is believed to be 28 or 30 and one of Kim Jong Un’s close confidantes, Fox News reported. Her mom is also Ko Yong Hui. In October she was elected as an alternate member to a top decision-making group in North Korea called the politburo. She and Kim Jong Un studied in Bern, Switzerland together for two years.

Kim Jong Un’s oldest sister, Kim Sol-song, is a more mysterious figure, Fox News reported. She also served in the Propaganda and Agitation Department, like her sister, and was Kim Jong Il’s secretary.

2. Kim Jong Chul Was Once Considered the Heir Who Would Follow Kim Jong Il, But His Dad Thought He Was Too ‘Effiminate’

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Kim Jong-un’s brother Kim Jong-chul ‘visits London to watch Eric Clapton’

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Before Kim Jong Il died, many people believed that Kim Jong Chul would be the new leader of North Korea, taking over in his father’s place. At first, Kim Jong Il’s oldest son, Kim Jong Nam, was considered the heir apparent. In 1998, he was appointed to a senior position in North Korea that would secure that succession. But in May 2001, he was arrested in Japan and found to be traveling with a forged passport under the alias Pang Xiong. He was detained and deported to China. He said he had been planning to visit Tokyo Disneyland. His father …read more



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Kim Jong Chul, Kim Jong Un’s Brother: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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