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Photographer Giedre Gomes wanted to honor dads who play board games, shoot hoops, and endure amateur makeovers — just in time for Father’s Day.

She enlisted the help of her own husband and two sons, as well as friends and neighbors, to capture simple but meaningful everyday moments of fatherhood.

You can find more of her work on Facebook and Instagram, as well as her website.

Here are 18 photos of fathers doing what they do best.

Photographer Giedre Gomes was born and raised in Lithuania and now lives in Indiana.

Parenting styles vary around the world.

She shot a photo series for Mother’s Day about her daily life with two boys and decided to give dads the same treatment.

Here’s what motherhood looks like around the world.

Her professional photos for clients are styled more like fine art, but she could be more playful with her photos of dads.

There’s a little-known Uno rule that changes how you play the game.

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Adorable photos of dads and their kids show the beauty of fatherhood

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