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Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt appeared on NBC’s “Today” show on Thursday to discuss “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.”
Howard addressed her character Claire Dearing’s shoe choice in the sequel.
Claire’s high heels in “Jurassic World” were called impractical given the setting, so the filmmakers decided that she would wear sneakers in the upcoming movie.
But Howard insisted that her character keep her heels during certain scenes.
“A girl doesn’t outrun a T. Rex in high-heeled shoes and then wear sneakers to the office,” the actress said.

Bryce Dallas Howard’s high heels were the focus of much fan discussion in “Jurassic World,” and now the actress is revealing that she had a major say in the footwear worn by her character in the sequel.

Howard and “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” co-star Chris Pratt appeared on NBC’s “Today” on Thursday to talk about the upcoming movie. During the interview, Howard revealed that she actually insisted that her character, Claire Dearing, wear high heels — despite the film’s script specifying that she would wear sneakers during some scenes.

“A girl doesn’t outrun a T. rex in high-heeled shoes and then wear sneakers to the office,” Howard said.

In recent interviews, Howard further explained why she was so adamant about her character still wearing fashionable shoes in the franchise.

“I wanted it to be clear from the beginning that Claire has changed and she’s wearing heels still,” Howard told Entertainment Weekly. “A person can have an inner journey and still love heels! And, yes, she’s prepared to go to the island and she’s wearing boots.”

Moreover, Howard explained to Hello Giggles that Claire’s heels are part of her identity, so it would be strange to completely write them out of the sequel. Howard said that there’s a scene in “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” that’s a callback to the first film, “but it was written that I was wearing sneakers, and I instantly circled that, and I was like, ‘No! No! No way!'”

The actress added that there’s a distinction between how Claire dresses for work and how she dresses when she’s on the run.

“The takeaway from ‘Jurassic World’ is not, at all times, be ready to run from a dinosaur,” she …read more

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Bryce Dallas Howard played a pivotal role in deciding what shoes her ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ character wears after the last movie’s high heel controversy

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