Russian World Cup star Igor Akinfeev’s wife is Ekaterina Gerun, a Ukrainian-born model, actress, dancer and aspiring filmmaker who studied chemistry before pursuing a career in the entertainment world. The goalkeeper for Russia’s national team and his wife have two young children together. Here’s what you need to know about the 31-year-old Ekaterina Gerun Akinfeev:

1. Igor Akinfeev & Ekaterina Gerun, Who Have a Son & Daughter, Dated for Several Years & Had Their First Child in 2014

Igor Akinfeev kept his private life quiet for many years and in 2014 revealed he had his first child with his wife, Ekaterina Gerun, according to a documentary about him. He and his wife have now have two young children, their son, Daniil, and their daughter, Evangeline.

In a recent interview, Igor talked about his family life. He said he is not sure if his son will follow in his footsteps and play soccer, saying, “we play with him, but it’s stupid to look so far,” according to an English translation of the interview. :The main thing is to grow up a good, worthy person. And let the profession choose for yourself to your liking.”

He said while he enjoys his soccer career, he said it is not always a “peaceful” life, saying it is “very difficult,” and “not everyone will cope.”

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2. She Was Born in Ukraine as the Daughter of a Writer & Teacher

Ekaterina Gerun Akinfeev

She grew up in Kiev, Ukraine, in an “intelligent” family and is the daughter of a writer and language and literature teacher, she said in a 2016 interview.

Ekaterina Akinfeev’s name is translated and spelled many different ways on the Internet, along with Ekaterina Gerun, she goes by Katy Gerun on social media. Other sides have listed her name as Ekaterina Akinfeeva, Katerina Gerun, Katerina Akinfeev, Katia Gerun, Catherine Gerun and Catherine Akinfeev.

3. She Studied Chemical Engineering at the National Pharmaceutical University in Kharkov

Katy Gerun

Katerina Gerun Akinfeev studied chemical engineering at the National Pharmaceutical University in Kharkov, Ukraine, according to her Facebook page. She wanted to be a pharmacist, but eventually chose a different career path. But she said in a 2016 interview that her memories of being a student are pleasant.

“With my studies, like, probably, everyone had a lot of funny stories. One …read more



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Ekaterina Gerun, Igor Akinfeev’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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