Dems also responsible for
Brown’s pardon of ex-felons

Re: “Democrats’ treatment of immigrants, refugees is as bad as Republicans’ ” :

Ruben Navarrette should add to his list of “Democrats’ treatment of immigrants and refugees [is] as bad as Republicans’ ” (Opinion section, June 3), the injury done to our immigrant community when Democratic Gov. Brown and his colleagues released illegal immigrant ex-felons among California residents, including California’s immigrant (legal and illegal) communities where the ex-felons are likely to return.

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Since the California Department of Corrections reports recidivism rates of over 6.1 percent in 2014-2015 and since many crimes hurt another person (murder, rape, assault, etc.), it is likely there will be many additional victims of crimes which are perpetrated on California’s legal and illegal residents by ex-felons, including those ex-felons who are also illegal immigrants.

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Mr. Navarrette should add to his list of injuries by Democrats the injury done when the Democratic Gov. Brown violated the Democratic Party’s principles and values by being an enabler for potential crimes on our undocumented as well as on legal California residents.

Richard Jesse

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Letter: Blame this on Democrats too: Brown’s pardon of ex-felons

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