Once, they loved us.

On Feb. 28, Gallup released a poll showing Canada was the country viewed most favourably by Americans. Four month ago, Gallup found 94 per cent of Americans had a positive view of Canada. Only six per cent viewed North Korea favourably.

That was then.

On Wednesday, another American polling company, Public Policy Polling, released new numbers, tracking American public opinion on a wide range of issues. The polling was done on Saturday and Sunday, as Donald Trump and his senior advisers were staging their post-G7 tantrums and consigning Justin Trudeau to a super-special place in Hell.

It would be nice to think that Trump’s Trudeau-taunting Twitter snit wouldn’t be able to shake America’s faith in Canadians. But it would appear that where their president leads, many Americans dutifully follow.

This new poll found just 66 per cent of Americans have a favourable view of Canada.

Among those who voted for Trump, only 54 per cent have a positive view of this country.

Trump effect? New poll of Americans has Canada with just a 66% approval rating, 13% disapprove, 22% unsure. Gallup had Canada at 94% approve in February; NBC/WSJ had Canada at 75% approve, 3% disapprove in late 2016. https://t.co/abeyDH9SkU

— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) June 13, 2018

It could be worse. When asked if they thought American should seek to punish Canada for its role in the War of 1812, only eight per cent of Trump voters actually thought the U.S. government should retaliate for that whole burning-down-the-White-House business. Another 17 per cent just weren’t sure.

Jim Williams, a polling analyst with Public Policy Polling, said they added the questions about Canada to the poll just before the G7 summit began. They hadn’t expected the poll to be as timely as it was.

But Williams said this kind of Trump Effect is nothing new.

“Before 2016, when we did polls, Republican voters did not like Vladimir Putin. They thought he was a despot. Then Trump was elected, and all of a sudden, Republicans in America now like Putin.”

It’s not entirely fair to compare the Gallup numbers from February with the Public Policy Polling numbers now. Two different polling companies, two different methodologies.

But last June, Public Policy Polling did ask a poll question about prominent national leaders, which found that, a year ago, Trudeau was more popular with American voters than was Trump, their own president.

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Paula Simons: Americans lose that loving feeling for Canada in latest poll

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