If I had to bet, Lucic will be back on the Edmonton Oilers next year

We’ve had more than a week now of trade rumours about Milan Lucic and a few things have come clear: a) that Lucic asked for a trade for family reasons, but he’s not demanding one, nor is he in any position to demand one, and it’s evident he understands the Edmonton Oilers may not be able to accommodate him this summer, b) that the Oilers are confident Lucic can be moved without swallowing too much of a poison pill, largely based on a combination of hope that Lucic can rebound and because of his reputation for being an intimidating physical force and c) that despite the forces aligning that would see Lucic move out, the insiders closest the team are talking about Lucic returning to the Oilers next year.

Let’s deal first with Lucic’s desire to leave, where Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman had this to say on Vancouver radio: “I think he wants to get out of Canada. I don’t think he wants to play here anymore. I think that’s another situation where the wife has seen how much heat the player has taken, I think, and isn’t always comfortable with that.”

As for the insiders talking about Lucic’s return being a real possibility, that’s been the consistent talk from commentators like Bob Stauffer, Mark Spector, Ryan Rishaug and Jason Gregor, who have all stressed the notion that Lucic could well have a rebound year in Edmonton.

The clearest comment about Lucic coming back came from Sportsnet game analyst Drew Remenda, who is close to the coaching staff. Remenda was on Oilers Now last week and described in detail why he thinks Lucic can rebound with the Oilers, spelling out the plan that is in place:

“First off, Milan is the poster boy for you can’t judge a book by its cover,” Remenda said. “We look at Milan and we see the big, hulking brooding guy who can hulk smash, but he’s more Dr. Banner than he is the Incredible Hulk. He’s a sensitive guy. He’s a smart guy. He’s a guy when you talk to him he’s more than #27 Milan Lucic going up and down the wing. He cares about his team. He cares about his teammates. And he cares about his legacy as a hockey player. And the legacy until last year was: he’s a …read more

Source:: Edmonton Journal – Sports


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