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Travel size toiletries are an essential for any trip. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you need the basics like shampoo, deodorant, and a toothbrush. There are a few other travel size toiletries that are smart to pack too, though some of them are often forgotten.

Things like Purell wipes, for example, are sometimes necessary. Others, like travel size face masks, are a nice luxury on the road. Follow this ultimate guide to stock your toiletry kit and you’ll never be at a loss while traveling again.

Here, our travel size toiletries ultimate guide:

1. TRESemme Travel Shampoo and Conditioner


A set of shampoo and conditioner are two of the most important travel size toiletries you can pack. This duo from TRESemme comes with a 3 oz. moisturizing shampoo and a three ounce moisture rich conditioner.

The formula, which includes Vitamin E, is especially good for dry or damaged hair, though it’s not too moisturizing to cause issues for those with more oily hair. Both products have a nice, unisex scent (not too floral or fruity) and it takes only a small amount to create a rich lather.

Reviewers liked that they come with enough product to last around two weeks with daily use, yet are small enough to fit in most toiletry bags. They said it left hair soft and shiny.

Price: $6.78 (or five sets for $27.97)

Buy the TRESemme Travel Shampoo and Conditioner here.
2. Natural Travel Shaving Cream


This shaving cream works for men and women, on any area of your body. It’s made of safe, natural, plant-based ingredients and comes in a TSA-approved bottle.

The aloe and shea butter formula helps soothe skin and prevent redness or bumps, while providing cushion and glide for your razor. It leaves skin moisturized, which saves you space on also packing lotion.

A nickel-sized amount goes a long way, so one bottle will last numerous trips. Users said it visibly reduced red bumps and other irritation. One person said it was “the best shaving cream I have ever used. End of story.”

Price: $5.22 ((5 percent of $5.49)

Buy the Natural Travel Shaving Cream here.
3. Gillette Snap Travel Razor


Razors usually take up space, but these Gillette snap razors are the perfect travel size toiletry to add to your bag. The handle is small and the blade folds and snaps into it, taking up barely any space. When …read more



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Best Travel Size Toiletries: The Ultimate Guide

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