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People think Meghan Markle is quickly developing an British accent.
BuzzFeed shared a video captured by Twitter user Aya El Zeiny that is prompting much of the discussion.
Some people think Markle’s accent is “the cutest,” while others are calling it “phony.”
Jennifer Nycz, an Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University, told INSIDER that picking up a new accent when moving abroad is “very natural.”

It’s hard to remember a time when the world wasn’t watching Meghan Markle’s every move, but that time was only about seven months ago. Back in November 2017, Markle announced her engagement to Prince Harry and quickly became fully engrossed in British culture as she adapted to her life in the UK.

She’s had a slew of public appearances in that short time span, and some people who have met the Duchess of Sussex have been paying close attention to her voice. On Thursday, BuzzFeed prompted much of the discussion by sharing a video captured by Twitter user Aya El Zeiny during Markle’s first joint engagement with the queen on June 14. Markle can be heard chatting with the crowds that gathered to catch a glimpse of her.

Meghan said my name, that’s me done😭

— Aya El Zeiny (@elzeiny99) June 14, 2018

People are convinced they can hear some obvious British inflections in the American expat’s voice, and are already defending her against people who think it’s a “big deal.”

@taylorhak @AfroAshley she picked up the accent quickly.

— Tiffany Etessami (@tifftess) July 5, 2018

meghan markle developing a british accent is the cutest what?!

— taliaaaa (@taliawhipp) July 6, 2018

I just watched a video that showed Meghan Markle starting to have a british accent and I’m so here for it you have no idea. 😱😱😱

— M’lyn Miller (@mlyn_miller) July 5, 2018

Don’t drag Meghan Markle for making her accent more English-ey. If you’re an American living in the UK and you don’t change your question-asking inflection, do you even count?

— Chelsea 𓆑 (@chelseann) July 5, 2018

I don’t understand why it’s a big deal if Meghan Markle develops a British accent. 1. She’s married to one. 2. She’s an actress …read more

Source:: Business Insider


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People think this video of Meghan Markle proves she already has a British accent — but some say she’s being ‘phony’

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