Parks Canada has restricted access to a number of trails around Lake Minnewanka near Banff National Park as a safety precaution against hungry grizzly bears.

Between July 10 and Sept. 15, anyone hiking on all trails beyond Stewart Canyon to the east park boundary at Devil’s Gap — including the Minnewanka Trail, Aylmer Pass Trail and Aylmer Lookout Trail — must be in a group no smaller than four people.

Bicycles and dogs are not permitted within those areas during the restrictions. Breaking any of these restrictions could cost you up top $25,000.

Parks Canada says the restrictions are in place “to increase visitor safety, and to reduce disturbances of grizzly bears during this important feeding season.”

An area closure for the Spray River East trail due to increased bear activity is still in place. There are also 13 area closures set as designated bear DNA gathering sites that are set to remain in place until July 31.

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Lake Minnewanka trails restricted during grizzly feeding season

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