Fortnite Battle Royale’s biggest update ever has dropped with the arrival of season five, introducing Rifts, All Terrain Karts, and tons of changes to the map.

Paradise Palms, Lazy Links, the Fortnite map looks very different after the season 5 update!

— IGN (@IGN) July 12, 2018

The theme of this season is “Worlds Collide,” so we got some really drastic changes to the game’s map. We got everything from the addition of deserts to a new viking village.

Here is a list of all the map changes in Season Five from the most drastic to the things you may not have noticed.

YouTuber Pack A Puncher has a great video giving us a bird’s eye view of all the changes to come to the map, so be sure to check it out.

Polygon also has a great video going over the five biggest changes to the map.

Paradise Palms & The New Desert Biome

The entire southeast corner of the map that made up Moisty Mire has been transformed into a desert resembling the southwest United States.

The most notable area in this new desert area is Paradise Palms. The resort area has plenty of ritzy buildings to tear apart and take cover in. It also includes a basketball court for players to play around with the basketball toy.

To the north of Paradise Palms is a big racetrack where players can drive around in kart races. As you can see in YouTuber FaZe Cizzorz’s tweet below, the race track appears to get its own dedicated side game complete with checkpoints to drive through. Honestly his video is worth a view just because of how funny it is.


This is How To Win EVERY…TIME….

— FaZe Cizzorz (@cizzorz) July 12, 2018

Near the race track is a 1950s-style diner. A miniature version of Junk Junction with piles of squished cars lies a little bit to the south of Paradise Palms. Down the road from that are two huge dinosaur statues, most likely based on the Cabazon Dinosaurs in Cabazon, California. As you make your way down the road, you’ll spot a Pueblo-style village. Then before you leave the desert, you’ll encounter a big truck stop to the left and an oasis with a treasure chest to the right.

Viking Village

A viking village was added on a mountain southeast of Snobby Shores. The …read more



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Fortnite Season 5: All Map Changes

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