Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman rebuked the chairman of the House Oversight Committee at a hearing Thursday.

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WASHINGTON — Rep. Trey Gowdy, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, was called out by Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman during a contentious hearing Thursday as the panel looked at Justice Department actions during the 2016 election.

At one point she asked the chairman: “Do you need your medication?”

The hearing was conducted jointly with the House Judiciary Committee and examined actions during the campaign. The FBI publicly revealed details of its probe into Clinton’s private email server but kept secret its investigation into whether the Trump campaign was colluding with Russia.

“This is intolerable harassment of a witness!”

In a chaotic moment at House Judiciary hearing, Rep. Louie Gohmert asks FBI Agent Peter Strzok how many times he lied to his wife. The question drew cries of outrage from Democratic members.

— ABC News (@ABC) July 12, 2018

Gowdy berated the witness, FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok, for mentioning that one outcome of the probe could be impeachment, depending on what the investigation now led by special counsel Robert Mueller, turned up.

Watson Coleman refuses to keep silent

At that point, Watson Coleman, D-12th Dist, had enough with Gowdy, who spent 2 1/2 years investigating Hillary Clinton after four people were killed at the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

“If you can’t control yourself, how do you expeect this committee to control itself,” Watson Coleman told Gowdy. “You’ve been out of control since you’ve been on this committee. Why don’t you leave it alone. This is not Benghazi.”

Here is a taste of this mornings kangaroo court #StrzokHearing #Strzok

— Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (@RepBonnie) July 12, 2018

The president, backed by allies on Capitol Hill, have challenged the legitimacy of the collusion probe, despite the fact that U.S. intelligence agencies and the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee have confirmed that Russia did intervene in the election on behalf of Trump.

How can the Rigged Witch Hunt proceed when it was started, influenced and worked on, for an extended period of time, by former FBI Agent/Lover Peter Strzok? Read his hate filled and totally biased Emails and the answer is clear!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 11, 2018

Strzok has drawn Republican fire after being removed from the investigation following …read more

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N.J. congresswoman scolds chairman at FBI hearing: ‘Do you need your medication?’

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