Some cowboys can go to great lengths with their superstitions, like a certain chuckwagon driver who once went three years wearing the same pair of underwear.

Doug Irvine has been racing chuckwagons for 21 years and said he had a winning streak when he wore the same pair of underwear for every race for three years.

“They got washed all the time and I’d basically pull them over top of whatever else I was wearing and they would just go on for race time and then they’d come off and they had their own little place to go,” said Irvine.

But eventually, they wore out. So did his luck.

“I was having a lot of success when I had them and then they wore out. My mom tried to patch them and put them on different underwear but it didn’t work. We just moved on from it and now I just don’t like to change too much.”

Irvine is not the only one on the track as worried about his finish as he is with his briefs.

Cliff Cunningham, who has been driving chucks since the 1970s, has his own underwear superstitions before racing.

“I wear white shorts, and they’ve got to be boxers, Joe Boxer shorts,” said Cunningham.

“I don’t know why, they’ve got to be white. I’ve got black pairs, grey pairs, whatever, red pairs. But when I run, they’re white.”


He also has a certain way he gets into his wagon before each race.

“There’s a couple things. I always get in my wagon on the right-hand side. Why? I don’t know. Well I think earlier on my career I had a left-hand horse that would kick all the time, so I didn’t want to get kicked climbing into the box. I always got on the right hand and I stayed doing that,” said Cunningham.

For Irvine, if things are going his way, he will try to repeat it.

“If I get on a roll, I’ll wear the same t-shirt underneath everyday when we’re racing, stuff like that,” said Irvine.

“I wear the same buckle and the same belt everyday. I haven’t found the one yet this year, that’s why I’m not running that good but when I do find one, I stick with it.”

He explained having things stay the same is a big factor in his routine and preparation.

“As long as everything stays the same everyday, I’m pretty good,” said Irvine.

“I just don’t like change so …read more



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