If you watch a lot of movies and TV, you’ve probably noticed by now that some actors are not the best at doing accents that aren’t their own.

Slate even spoke to dialect coaches Bob and Claire Corff about why, and they helpfully explained that a lot of it has to do with how long actors train to do dialects in their respective countries. In other words, don’t hate the players, hate their abysmally accented games and giggle when a pro deconstructs them on YouTube for your amusement.

Here are 16 of the worst examples of onscreen attempts at British accents so far, according to critics.

Kevin Costner was great in “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves,” but his accent was not.

This is a prime example of Kevin Costner doing Kevin Costner — and nothing else.

Even people who love and defend the movie as a firm childhood favorite offer reviews that say things like “his Robin Hood is distinctly lacking in charisma and his occasional attempts at a British accent fail dismally,” from Robert Keeling on the Metro.

Dick Van Dyke in “Mary Poppins” issued an apology for his accent.

Long considered one of the worst British accents in all of cinematic history, Dick Van Dyke’s character Bert nonetheless wowed audiences with his engaging singing and dancing routines — even if his cockney accent was distractingly bad.

In 2017, Van Dyke was awarded a BAFTA — and he issued the following humorous public apology: “I appreciate this opportunity to apologize to the members of BAFTA for inflicting on them the most atrocious Cockney accent in the history of cinema.”

Josh Hartnett received criticism for his accent in “Blow Dry.”

Just how awful is Hartnett’s accent? British critic Neil Young felt so strongly, he described Josh Hartnett’s accent as “a bizarre mongrel brogue that trots happily from Newcastle to Oxbridge, Bristol to Belfast, only occasionally passing through anything resembling White Rose territory, and more often vanishing into total mumbledegook” to the Telegraph.

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11 of the worst attempts at British accents onscreen, according to critics

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