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You’re in need of a new skateboard backpack. This could be because of the time of the year (hello, back-to-school), or you simply need a replacement bag.

To keep it short and sweet, we’ve determined the Dakine Explorer is the best skateboarding backpack. It achieved this top spot, thanks to its price and incredible features–can you say, “Insulated pocket?”

How do we determine the top backpacks for skateboarding? Simple. We dive deep into:

Stand-out features

In the end, a skateboard backpack should, well, work as a skateboarding backpack. In other words, it should be useful for both skating and school.

Now, I know not everyone is still a student–neither am I! I graduated with my BA seven-years-ago….and I still use my skate backpack on a regular basis, for things other than skating.

Adult, teen, or child, a skateboarding bag is a useful carryall, for just about everyone.

We understand how important budgeting is, which is why this backpack guide is set-up via ascending price.

Moreover, they’re labeled with a superlative title, in order to highlight why they’re the best backpacks for skateboarding.

You can either read a more in-depth review, or head straight to the source and purchase it.

So, without further ado….

What are the best skateboard backpacks?
Most Budget-Friendly: Eastsport Double Strap | Check it out on Amazon – $22.99
Best Overall: Dakine Explorer Backpack | Check it out on Amazon – $27.99+
Best for Larger Skateboards: Dakine Atlas | Check it out on Amazon – $32.18
Best for the Everyday Skateboarder: RVCA Push Skate | Check it out on Amazon – $33
Best for Students: Volcom Vagabond | Check it out on Amazon – $35.99
Best for Always on-the-Go: Element Jaywalker | Check it out on Amazon – $43.95
Best for Organization: Penny Slater Pouch | Check it out on Amazon – $44.95
Best for Longboards: Element Mohave Skate | Check it out on Amazon – $49.95
Best Small-Size: Nixon Smith Skatepack III | Check it out on Amazon – $54.95
Best Snowboard Brand: Burton Kilo | Check it out on Amazon – $64.95
Best Non-Skateboard Brand: Nike SB RPM | Check it out on Amazon – $71.95
1. Eastsport Double Strap – $22.99



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11 Best Skateboard Backpack Options: Compare & Save (2018)

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