Three pint tinted chapsticks in red tube with tomato label

I’ve been searching for the best lip tint because I love lipstick, but I just don’t wear it very often because it needs liners, dries out my lips, and needs to be reapplied so often.

Lip tints are sheer lip colors in a moisturizing base. Basically, you’re looking at a chapstick or lip treatment with a light tint of color that looks natural but also enough for it to look like you’re wearing something.

They’re not as highly pigmented as lipsticks, but they also won’t bleed out in weird feathering, get on your teeth your teeth, or create creases that highlight the vertical lines of your lips the way lipsticks do.

Instead, the best lip tint feels as soothing and hydrating as a chapstick–just with an added boost of color. Plus they’re super easy to apply the same way you would a chapstick so they’re quick to put on and simple to reapply on the go without a mirror.

This makes them perfect for everyday and casual wear. I always have a couple in my bag.

Is it lipstick, lip stain, lip gloss, or lip tint?

They’re all colors you put on your mouth parts but they’re very different products.

Lipstick is highly pigmented and can come in a variety of finishes including glossy, frosted, and matte.

Lip stains are usually gel or alcohol-based, highly pigmented, and (you guessed it) meant to stain the skin of your lips for long-lasting color. They’re commonly matte when dry.

Lip glosses add shine to your lips and are occasionally tinted, but tend to be sticky instead of moisturizing.

Lip tints are oil-based balms that add sheer color.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of lip stains out there labeled as tints right now following on the heels of popular Korean long-lasting stains that are called tints in those brands.

The best way to tell if a pigment is a tint or a stain is to look at the applicator. If it’s runny or comes with a doefoot applicator, it’s probably a stain. If it’s creamy, you’ve probably got a tint.

As a bonus many lip tints include SPF sun protection. Your lips are often neglected from your sunblock routine despite the fact that as some of the thinnest skin on your body they are more prone to sun damage and aging. Even the CDC includes lip balm sunscreen on their Sun Safety page. Check out this



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