Twinkled T nail art mat with close up of silicone cup

Nail art is messy business–or at least it is when you’re as clumsy as I am. My nail mat has saved basically every surface in my house.

Nail mats are made of silicone which provides a non-reactive a layer of protection for your surfaces. If you’ve ever spilled nail polish, you know how hard it is to clean up because nail polish remover can do more damage to your furniture and clothing than the polish did.

Dripped some pure acetone on your mat? Silicone doesn’t care. Nail polish spill? Comes right off.

Beyond that, most nail art mats provide an organized space with helpful guidelines, rulers, patterns, and color swatches to make creating your nail art easier and faster.

Silicone mats take some of the frustration out of nail stamping because you can stamp directly onto the mat, color it in, then peel it off, effectively making your own nail decals. Check out this quick YouTube tutorial showing how to make reverse stamping nail decals using a silicone mat.

Swatches of color printed on nail art mats allow you to stamp over them to test how your stamping polish will show up over tricky colors like black or red.

To store them, most mats simply roll or fold up into a flexible tube that you can stick wherever you keep your nail supplies.

If you’ve found this article because you’ve stained something and are determined to not do it again, the University of Illinois has a page on Nail Stain Solutions that may be helpful.

What are the best nail mats?
Best All-In-One Mat: Twinkled T Glamour Mat | Check it out on Amazon – $10.99
Most Spill-Resistant Mat: Bliss Kiss Simply Neat | Check it out on Amazon – $10.97
Best Portable Mats: BMC Lotus Mat Go & Mini | Check it out on Amazon – $14.99
Most Templates: Beaute Galleria Rollable Silicone Mat | Check it out on Amazon – $8.99
Best For Freehand Art: UberChic Beauty Uber Mats | Check it out on Amazon – $7.95
1. Twinkled T Nail Art Glamour Mat – $10.99

Twinkled T


Built-in paint palette
Collapsible cup for acetone or marbling
Extra thick for stability
Nice range of color swatches
Template space for 20 nails

Swatches are only pastel
Suggests it’s stored flat

This mat by Twinkled T …read more



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5 Best Nail Mats: Compare, Buy & Save (2018)

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