The New York Police Department is looking to question “Blade Runner 2049” actress Sean Young about a burglary she’s alleged to have taken part in, according to TMZ.

Young was reported to have been caught on surveillance cameras boosting laptop computers and “video production software.”

TMZ and the Daily News reported cops were called to “commercial location in Astoria, Queens Thursday for a burglary.”

It was reported “employees at the location turned surveillance footage over to cops that allegedly showed Young and another male breaking in” and allegedly taking off with, TMZ reported, “two Apple laptops and video production software, worth about $12,000.”

It’s reported Young, 58, allegedly worked at the location where the theft occurred but was “fired months ago.”

Young, the ‘replicant’ in “Blade Runner,” has a storied and rocky past beginning with her relationship with actor James Woods wherin Woods said Young sent him bizarre photos and filed a harassment lawsuit against her. She appeared on “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” for alcohol and drug addiction, and six years ago, crashed an Oscar party and assaulted a security officer.

This is a developing story.

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Actress Sean Young Sought in NYC Burglary

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