Food Fantasy Recipes

Food Fantasy isn’t all about battling baddies.

Your other duties entail developing recipes that bring the tastiest delicacies to fruition. At the start of your Food Fantasy adventure, you’ll be asked to choose from one of three regions to start in – Gloriville, Sakurajima, and Light Kingdom. Depending on which one you select, you’ll start churning out dishes based on the recipes tied to that region. Then there’s a whole other set of recipes you can master and bring to your establishment (“Lost Cuisine”). Over time, you’ll unlock recipes from all four options and become a true master chef.

We don’t want you to waste your ingredients on fruitless combining endeavors. Follow the full recipes guide listed below to make the most of your Food Fantasy experience.

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Note – the recipes list for each region is broken down into recipe, ingredients, and the stages you can collect those ingredients from. The Lost Cuisine’s recipe contains info on what mission level you need to reach and what missions you need to complete in order to collect its recipes.

Gloriville Cuisine

– French Fries: Potato; 1-3
– Crispy Pork: Pork Belly; 1-6
– Salad: Cucumber, Lettuce, and Carrot; 2-2, 3-1, and 3-5
– Eggplant Roll: Potato and Eggplant; 1-3 and 2-7
– Smoked Salmon: Salmon; 4-2
– Roast Beef: Beef Tenderloin, 5-6
– Cheese Soup: Bread and Cheese; 4-4 and 6-2
– Mushroom Soup: Shiitake, Mushroom, and Butter; 6-8, 7-3, and 7-8
– Fried Rice Cake: Egg and Rice; 5-2 and 8-2
– Pork Burger: Lettuce, Bread, and Pork Loin; 3-1, 4-4, and 9-2
– Bacon Tofu Wraps: Bacon and Tofu; 10-3 and 10-6
– Grilled Calamari Green Pepper, Onion, and Octopus; 6-6, 9-5, and 11-4
– Popcorn: Butter and Corn; 7-8 and 11-2
– Shortbread: Flour, Butter, and Milk; 2-2, 7-8, and 12-5
– Minestrone: Cabbage, Spinach, and Starch; 13-5, 13-6, and 13-9
– Pineapple Juice: Pineapple and Honey; 14-2 and 14-6
– Apples Crisp: Flour and Apple; 12-2 and 15-1
– Chicken Pizza: Diced Chicken, Cheese, and Apple; 16-5, 6-2, and 15-1
– Roast Chicken: Whole Chicken; 16-6
– Mango Wrap: Cream, Flour, and Mango; 11-7, 12-2, and 17-3
– Fruit Salad: Pineapple and Strawberry; 14-3 and 18-2
– Peanut Pie: Egg, Flour, and Peanut; 5-2, 12-2, and 19-3
– Pumpkin Soup: Milk and Pumpkin; 12-5 and 20-5
– Hotteok: Milk, Red Beans, and Rice Flour; 12-5, 19-5, and 20-7
– Cheesy Yam: Cheese and Purple Yam; 6-2 and 21-3
– Fried Cod: Egg, Flour, and Cod; 5-2, 12-2, and 22-2
– Fried Unagi: Egg, Flour, and Eel; 5-2, 12-2, and 22-5
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Food Fantasy Full Recipes List

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