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Maci Bookout has had quite a tumultuous year.

Much of the drama in her life has had to do with the continued legal troubles of Ryan Edwards, the father of her first child, who’s currently facing up to a year behind bars.

While much of the focus on Maci over the past year has had to do with Ryan’s downward spiral, the mother of three has a whole lot on her mind these days aside from her ex’s substance abuse issues.

Maci and husband Taylor McKinney have been open about their desire to expand their family, but even fans who hang on Maci’s every word might be surprised by exactly what the couple has in mind for their future …

1. A Turbulent Year

Saying it’s a been a dramatic year for Maci would be putting it very mildly. The TMOG fan favorite has had to cope with challenges she probably never imagined for herself.

2. The Ryan Factor

Many of Maci’s most recent headaches have been a result of her ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards and his ongoing substance abuse and legal issues.

3. A Necessary Move

Maci recently filed for a restraining order against Edwards after he allegedly threatened McKinney’s life. Now, Ryan is no longer permitted to have any contact with his son, Bentley.

4. Life Goes On

But Maci’s not letting the Ryan issue prevent her from living her life. In fact, she just opened up about some surprising new plans for the future.

5. Spilling the Tea

Appearing on Kailyn Lowry’s podcast this week, Maci revealed that she’s still planning to adopt a fourth child.

6. A Bit of a Twist

The adoption news will come as no surprise to Maci fans, but even the most stalwart Bookout devotees might be surprised by the details of her plan …

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Maci Bookout: Adoption Plans Revealed!

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