Marshala Perkins is a 19-year-old woman from Dallas, Texas whose mugshot has gone viral to the degree that people are even asking the teenager for makeup tips.

The viral mugshot brings to mind the so-called “hot felon,” Jeremy Meeks, whose mugshot sparked a successful modeling career and, now, a relationship with a billionaire’s daughter. Some sites are calling her the “new hot felon,” even though Perkins wasn’t arrested for a felony.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Perkins Is a Former College Student Who Was Arrested for Marijuana Possession

When you living this good they suppose to hate 😛

— Blaze (@Marshaladenise_) May 31, 2018

Marshala Perkins was a student at Texas A&M University at the time of the arrest who is self-trained in the art of makeup, according to Buzzfeed, which reported that, on the night in question, Marshala planned to demonstrate a “glittery makeup look” with some friends outside her dormitory on Facebook Live.

It’s been a minute since I’ve dropped a selfie.

— Blaze (@Marshaladenise_) May 25, 2018

Instead, she was approached by two police officers, who checked her handicapped parking permit and then indicated they smelled marijuana, Buzzfeed reported. Buzzfeed reported that the officer found two grams of marijuana and took Marshala to jail, where the infamous mugshot was taken.

The site quoted her as saying, “And so I went to jail for it with my beat face.”

2. Marshala Perkins Says She Was ‘Just Bored’ on the Night in Question

— Blaze (@Marshaladenise_) June 23, 2018

To the Star-Telegram, Perkins indicated that she was simply bored on the night in question and had finished the Facebook Live makeup tutorial, which would explain her full face of perfectly applied makeup.

“I was actually bored that night,” she told the newspaper.

You should’ve called me… why you never call me?

— Blaze (@Marshaladenise_) April 24, 2018

The mugshot first made the Facebook page of the Greenville Police Department and from there it took off. She told the Star-Telegram that she was too embarrassed at first to admit that the mugshot was her.

“People were sending it to me asking, ‘Is this you?’ At the time I was embarrassed so I was like, ‘Nah, I don’t know who that is,’ ” Perkins said to the newspaper.

3. A Twitter Page Devoted to ‘Mugshot Baes’ Sent the Mugshot Viral

It wasn’t …read more



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Marshala Perkins: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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