Some dude stole a plane from #Seatac (Allegedly), did a loop-the-loop, ALMOST crashed into #ChambersBay, then crossed in front of our party, chased by fighter jets and subsequently crashed. Weird times.

— bmbdgty (@drbmbdgty) August 11, 2018

“Rich,” the suicidal airport mechanic who stole an airplane from Sea-Tac International Airport and took it on a dramatic unauthorized flight, before crashing the plane, is getting a lot of Twitter support and empathy.

Rich’s heartbreaking conversations with air traffic controllers, who tried in vain to help the Pierce County man safely land the aircraft, have sparked people on social media to emphasize with his plight and urge the country to spend more attention on mental health awareness. Rich’s full name has not been given but he was repeatedly called “Rich” in the air traffic control audio, some of which you can listen to below.

“I hope this prompts a nationwide discussion about mental healthcare overall. 💔” wrote one woman on Twitter, echoing the comments of many people who heard it.

Listening to the audio recordings, I feel nothing but sadness for Rich, for the man who stole that plane at #SeaTac and committed suicide. He sounds like a broken man who needed help.

— Luke Adams 🎤 (@luketadams) August 11, 2018

I’m praying for #Rich tonight—not just the guy who stole a plane from #SeaTac, but every guy like Rich who (it seems…but I’ll admit I’m assuming a lot here) is suffering and cannot find a better way out. Here’s hoping that the next Rich crashes on a couch of a good listener.

— Joe (@htown_Joe) August 11, 2018

I wish Rich @AlaskaAir had a living wage, health care, and reached out for help before taking that #SeaTac plane. Glad he went to Ketron Island and not #TheHomeShows

— Executive Time Cody (@CodyHiatt) August 11, 2018

Rich attempted “stunts” in the air before the plane crashed, authorities and multiple reports on social media said. Wrote one man on Twitter, “As horrible as this is, I have to say this: an aircraft mech pulled off a barrell roll in a twin engine turbo prop commuter plane. Speaking as someone in the industry, THAT is impressive. RIP, Rich…you lived the dream. #SeaTac.”

People were saddened after they listened to the audio.

This is haunting. ATC handled this so incredibly well.

Not condoning Rich’s actions, …read more



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‘Rich,’ Who Stole Sea-Tac Plane, Gets Twitter Sympathy

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