5 Days Of Organization

September always feels like a time of new beginnings: it’s the end of the hot summer, it’s time to refresh our wardrobes for fall, and for all the students out there, it’s back to school time. This week I challenged myself to “5 Days of Organization” so I could truly focus on reorganizing my life and getting a fresh start for the new season ahead.

I brought in Jamie and Fillip Hord, the husband and wife duo from the professional home organization company, Horderly , to show them my apartment and to create a plan for how to best re-organize my space. Monday was all about understanding the problem areas, and on Tuesday the real dirty work began. We started with the closets. Step one is the editing process: pulling out every last thing you own and paring down.

On Wednesday we began reorganizing in the most efficient way possible. We purchased hanger dividers, new drawer systems, shoe racks and more from The Container Store. On Thursday we overhauled the entire bathroom, and on Friday we focused on the in-home office space.

The transformation was truly remarkable. I went from owning far too many items and feeling like my space was exploding with belongings, to having neat and orderly shelves containing only what I need and truly use.

Watch the video above to see my before and after photos. And don’t miss the special appearance from Hailee Steinfeld.

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How To Organize Your Home Like A Pro

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