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Kevin D’Amico has recently been in the news regarding accusations that he and partner Kate McClure allegedly misused the $400,000 they raised on GoFundMe for John Bobbitt, a homeless veteran.
Now D’Amico is scheduled to appear in court to address charges that he threw three car headrests at a woman’s car.
This follows two other incidents where he skipped court following traffic incidents.
The couple’s attorney said they likely face criminal indictment and he plans to drop them as clients.

Kevin D’Amico, one half of the couple that allegedly misused the $400,000 it raised for a homeless veteran on GoFundMe, now has even more problems.

Until recently, according to NJ.com, D’Amico also had a warrant out for his arrest in New Jersey, for repeatedly skipping bail after allegedly throwing things out of his vehicle and damaging a woman’s car, causing up to $2,000 in damage.

According to the criminal complaint viewed by NJ.com, D’Amico ripped three headrests off the seats of a Honda Odyssey and threw them out of the car’s window, damaging the vehicle of a woman driving next to him. He’s scheduled to appear in court on September 26 to address the charges.

This isn’t the only legal issue D’Amico’s embroiled in.

On Monday, D’Amico was arrested on a warrant for failing to appear in court following two separate traffic incidents. The bail was set at $500.01, and he was released after paying it.

D’Amico and his girlfriend, Kate McClure, fell from viral stardom to internet notoriety after John Bobbitt, the homeless veteran they raised more than $400,000 for on GoFundMe, accused them of using it as a “personal piggy bank” to pay for vacations, a new BMW, and gambling. The pair had initially raised funds for Bobbitt to thank the homeless man for giving McClure his last $20 after her car ran out of gas on a highway outside of Philadelphia.

D’Amico and McClure said they initially gave Bobbitt $75,000 and a place to live, but say they refused to give him more funds until he got a job and stopped using drugs.

In August, a court ordered them to transfer the money to an account controlled by Bobbit pending an investigation by forensic accountants, but Bobbitt’s attorney said all the money was gone. Bobbitt is still homeless.

Police raided McClure and D’Amico’s home earlier in September and carried away boxes of …read more

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The man who allegedly misused $400,000 raised for a homeless veteran is embroiled in another scandal

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