Mexico Beach, Florida, staple Toucan’s has been severely damaged by Hurricane Michael. As the Category 4 storm ripped through the area, Toucan’s — a fun bar/restaurant located on the beach — suffered greatly.

The photo below shows a before and after of Toucan’s Restaurant. The eatery and popular hang out spot is not even recognizable in the photo on the left. As Michael made landfall nearby this afternoon, the heavy rain, gusty winds of 155 miles per hour, and the storm surge all played a role in the devastation of Toucan’s.

No bueno for Toucan’s at Mexico beach

— Josh Martenn (@jmartenn) October 10, 2018

Located on Hwy 98, Toucan’s has attracted locals and area visitors for decades.

Toucan’s on the Beach combines the three must-have ingredients for the perfect seafood restaurant experience: An amazing menu of the freshest Gulf of Mexico seafood, a fun, friendly family atmosphere, and ocean-side dining with a relaxing view of our white sand beaches. It’s about fresh seafood and family fun. Just want to kick back, have a drink and groove to some live music? Live bands play your favorite tunes almost every Friday and Saturday night in Toucan’s Tiki Bar and outdoor patio,” reads Toucan’s website, in part.

Toucan’s Facebook page has been relatively active throughout the day, but the owners have yet to supply an update on the status of the beach-front property. Patrons of Toucan’s took to social media to post their sadness after seeing the photos of the property getting pounded by the storm. You can read some of those reactions below.

Bye bye toucans 😢

— BABS (@bridgetanise) October 10, 2018

☹️Some of our greatest family memories are from Driftwood Inn, Toucans. Thoughts with wonderful residents.

— NATE MANNING (@MALENURSE419) October 10, 2018

Hope everyone is safe. Rumor is El Governor Hotel collapsed and Toucans is completely destroyed… 😢😢😢 #mexicobeach #hurricanemichael

— eric Rilko (@Relaxor1016) October 10, 2018

The Hurricane did have a personal affect on me I did go on vacation at mexico Beach eat at Toucans which is now gone it hurts my heart and I hurt for the people it has affected there

— 1Volsfan (@1volsfan) October 10, 2018

Hurricane Michael is the third most powerful hurricane to make landfall in the United States in 50 years.

“Hurricane Michael is the worst storm that the Florida Panhandle has ever seen,” …read more



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PHOTO: Hurricane Michael Hits Toucan’s in Mexico Beach

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