Saddening video from Mexico Beach, FL of the widespread damage and catastrophic storm surge. #Michael

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— WeatherOptics (@weatheroptics) October 10, 2018

Mexico Beach, Florida, has been one of the hardest hit areas by Hurricane Michael. The Category 4 storm intensified as it made landfall in the area, causing homes to be completely wiped out from flood waters.

Mexico Beach is a small tourist town toward the center of Florida’s panhandle. Michael brought 155+ mile-per-hour winds to the area, causing heavy blowing rain, powerful gusty winds, and crashing waves.

“It swamped streets, bent trees, stripped away limbs and leaves, knocked out power, shredded awnings and sent other building debris flying. Explosions apparently caused by blown transformers could be heard,” reports WGN TV.

A Hurricane Warning is still in place in Coastal Bay County, Florida. Officials warn residents to stay indoors as just 6 inches of moving water “can knock you down and fast-moving water can sweep your vehicle away.”

Below is another video taken in Mexico Beach during Hurricane Michael. As you can see, houses have been completely leveled.

A whole house was ripped apart in #Mexico Beach, #Florida. Here is video of parts of the home washing up to other properties. This is one powerful storm. #HurricaneMichael. (via Talarico Tessa) #Hurricane #mexicobeach

— Josh Benson (@WFLAJosh) October 10, 2018

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VIDEO: Hurricane Michael Obliterates Mexico Beach, Florida

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