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On her wedding day, Lorna Dane Gantt’s stepmother was being stubborn.

At one point, her step mom was in the way of the professional photographer she and her husband Joshua Gantt had hired for the wedding.
Dedicated to getting the perfect shot, the photographer, Ashley Easterling, shoved Lorna’s step mom out of the way.
It was worth it.
She got the shot and there are no hard feelings.

Everyone wants to remember all the special moments on their wedding day. And people think one wedding photographer really went the extra mile to capture on Kentucky couple’s first kiss.

On September 8, Lorna Dane Gantt, 24, and Joshua Gantt, 33, got married and the wedding photographer had no choice but shove Lorna’s stepmother out of the way to capture the couple’s first kiss on camera, Lorna told INSIDER. Lorna said her stepmother was in the way of their hired photographer, Ashley Easterling.

“Ok, so I politely asked several times for her to move. She popped off something smart … I told her I was the paid photographer, then she told me I wasn’t doing my job and walked right in front of me,” Easterling said of the incident in a comment on a Facebook post. “Nope. I’m paid to do a job, and dang it … this girl is doing her job one way or the other.”

Although the moment of the “little shove,” as Lorna calls it, went viral, it all proved to be worth it. On Wednesday, she shared the video from a different angle, as well as the moment of their first kiss on Facebook.

Lorna’s Facebook friends seem to love the post, and are sounding off in the comments.

“Lol this is great,” one person wrote. “You do what you have to do! Great job Ashley! #savage,” another commenter said. “Good on you for shoving her out of the way! I can’t believe how little common sense people have,” a third person said.

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Lorna said that after the shove, Easterling apologized to her — but she didn’t mind at all.

“I looked at her and said, ‘You are fine, you are here to do a job that my husband and I paid you to do I’m not …read more

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A wedding photographer shoved a bride’s step mom to capture their first kiss — and people are loving it

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