Christopher Nixon Cox, the grandson of the late President Richard Nixon, could be joining the Trump administration in the coming days, according to a breaking report by Bloomberg.

Nixon’s role would reportedly be as an economic staffer of sorts, providing aid to Trump on China. More specifically, Bloomberg reports that Cox would most likely take over the China portfolio on the National Economic Council, an especially important position giving the escalating trade war between China and the United States.

Here’s what you need to know.

Cox Endorsed Trump in July, 2016, Because He Thought Hillary Clinton’s Plans for the Country Were ‘Frightening’

In conversation with The Boston Herald, Cox was an endorser of Trump in the summer of 2016 partially because he thought Hillary Clinton’s plans for the country were “terrifying.”

He said, “With Trump, you know you’re going to get a businessman who has succeeded in the real world and knows how to balance budgets and said that he’ll cut taxes. So I think if you take that vision, versus the vision that the Democrats are offering, I think that Trump provides a much better option.”

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Christopher Nixon Cox: Richard Nixon’s Grandson Might Join the Trump Administration

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