Frankly, it’s not that time-consuming to find a lipstick you like. Chances are you have collected hundreds just because you mildly enjoyed the color at the store. And yet, our 2018 goal is to find The One. Our lipstick soulmate. The shade we would commit to for life — and if it asked, renounce every other tube and never look back. How can you make this happen? Sometimes, it’s just written in the stars.

Sure, thanks to helpful guides like this and this, you could simply pick a lip color that flatters your skin tone. But there may be a better way. In fact, considering we’ve already based our favorite makeup trends on our zodiac signs, we figured it would be a smart move to do the same for our ride-or-die lipstick — and Bite Beauty just made it easy.

Starting now, Bite will roll out new lipstick shades in the popular Amuse Bouche formula based on your astrological sign. But we’re obviously not the only ones tapping into our horoscopes for some inspiration: These shades continue to sell out on Sephora. Luckily, the brand will continue unveiling more shades every month — so when you do have the chance to snag your sign, we suggest you do it fast.


First up: Aquarius, a deep, funky berry color that, according to the brand, is “an inventive take on a classic.” And it makes a lot of sense. The one trend we thought Aquarius should try this year was a don’t-fuck-with-me-lipstick — and this bold shade definitely fits the bill.

Bite Astrology by Bite Limited Edition Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Aquarius.


Pisces is known as the dreamiest sign in the zodiac — and certainly the most adaptable to their environments. That’s why this peachy, burnt sienna shade is a perfect addition to their everyday beauty routine.

Bite Astrology by Bite Limited Edition Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Pisces.


It only makes sense that the first fire sign in the zodiac gets its very own don’t-eff-with-me red lipstick from Bite. But even if you’re not an ass-kicking energetic sign like Aries, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider adding some heat to your life with this bold, vibrant shade.

Bite Beauty Astrology by Bite Limited Edition Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Aries.


Since Venus — the planet of love — rules over Taurus, it makes a lot of sense for this lipstick to be a sensual, neutral-but-better mauve. The dusty …read more

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Finding Your Perfect Lipstick Is Now Easier Than Reading Your Horoscope

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