SALT LAKE CITY — Meghan McCain made an emotional return to “The View” this week after she stepped away from the show to handle the death of her father, former Arizona Sen. John McCain.

She thanked ABC, her co-hosts and all of America for giving her time off to mourn the loss of her father.

“From the second that my father passed … there were people in the country — all races, all ages, all creeds — out there with American flags waving, saluting, praying,” she recalled. “He would have loved it.”
“Everyone came out and celebrated him with love and it made me so inspired that the ideals that my father espoused in his career are the ideals of America, and I think there was a lot of talk about what died with him, and I’m here today to tell you it didn’t,” she continued. “It is alive and well, and I need us to remember that.”
“He believed in American exceptionalism. He believed America is the greatest country in the history of the world. He believed that when your candidate’s opponent says something racist in a rally, you push back,” she said. “That is John McCain, and that is what America is.”

.@MeghanMcCain: “It made me so inspired that the ideals my father espoused through his career are the ideals of America. And I think there was a lot of talk about what died with him. And I am here today to tell you — it didn’t. It is alive and well!”

— The View (@TheView) October 8, 2018

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she thanked her co-hosts, too. She later explained that her father’s final address represents what the country is currently going through, saying that the country does not surrender.

Lastly, she spoke about her faith and how God has helped her through the tough time.

“God is real. I wouldn’t be here without my faith, but I also wouldn’t be here without Joe Biden and Joe Lieberman,” she said. “Those two men have carried me throughout this experience and I just want to thank them for being uncles to me. Really gone above and beyond. I’m sure they’re like, ‘I didn’t realize when I became friends with John McCain that his daughter’s drama would all become mine as well.’ But they’re the most wonderful men, both of them, and they’ve really carried me through this.”
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Source:: Deseret News – U.S. & World News


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Watch: Meghan McCain talks about her father and God during emotional return to ‘The View’

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