Mexico Beach, Florida was left devastated from Hurricane Michael. Here are some before and after photos showing just how catastrophic the damage from the storm was in some Florida regions.

The image below is from the NOAA:

Unbelievable before and after of Mexico Beach, Fl.

— Josh Cascio Fox13 (@joshcascio) October 12, 2018

Another Before and After set showing the beach:

Before and after from Mexico Beach, FL. Notice structure in blue totally gone in after image. Put together through videos on this FB page. #HurricaneMichael #Michael

— Chris Dolce (@chrisdolcewx) October 10, 2018

This before-and-after shows a beach cottage that was destroyed by the storm:

My wife’s family has had a beach cottage at #MexicoBeach for over 50 years. Thankful for great memories. Praying for those who lost homes, livelihood, and worse in this storm. In the before and after pictures, their home was the one on the left, red roof. Only rubble now.

— Eric Bradley (@uganole) October 12, 2018

On Twitter, Mark Taylor showed a before and after of his former home in Mexico Beach, with a slab being all that is now left:

The before and after of our former home in Mexico Beach.
The slab in the middle of bottom right photo is all that is left.

— Mark Taylor (@marktwx) October 11, 2018

Toucan’s was one of the locations on Mexico Beach that was confirmed destroyed.

Thanks to Scott Fuller for these before and after pics from Mexico Beach, FL.

— John Gerard (@JGerardWeather) October 11, 2018

This photo has a perspective of Toucan’s closer to the after photo above:

#MexicoBeach before and after landfall of #HurricaneMichael. Feed from @hurricanetrack

— NJ Weather Blogs (@NJWeatherBlogs) October 10, 2018

This photo comparing Google Maps and NOAA gives a startling look at how devastating the hurricane was:

Heartbreaking view from space of #MexicoBeach before and after #Michael (left: @googlemaps right: @noaa). #flwx @NBC10Boston @necn

— Chris Gloninger NBC10 Boston (@ChrisGNBCBoston) October 12, 2018

Here you can see how a marina was affected:

Before and after pic of #MexicoBeach #HurricaneMichael via @weatherchannel

— KC10IB (@theKC10ib) October 11, 2018

This is a before-and-after shot in front of Mango Marley’s:

Before and after of Mango Marley’s …read more



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Hurricane Michael: Before & After Photos of Mexico Beach

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