Kyrsten Sinema is vying to replace Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, and if elected, she will become the first openly bisexual person to be voted into the U.S. Senate and the second openly LGBT person to ever serve in the senate.

According to FOX News, Arizona’s Senate battle remains one of the tightest races on the map, with Sinema and Republican nominee Martha McSally trading the lead in the final stretch of polling. All of this has some people wondering more about the family of Kyrsten Sinema, and whether she’s ever been married.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Her Father Dan Sinema, Sr. Was an Arizona Attorney

According to AZ Central, Sinema’s father Dan Sinema, Sr. was an attorney. The family lived in a five-bedroom ranch house at the foot of the Santa Catalina Mountains in the 1970s, but ran into financial difficulties when her father lost his job. Sinema blames her father’s layoff on the 1980s recession, and state records show that he was also fighting complaints from legal clients, censure by the State Bar of Arizona, IRS debts and a real estate deal gone bad.

The family’s car was repossessed, and their house would briefly go into foreclosure. Sinema’s mother and father eventually got divorced in 1983, and within a few years, he would file for bankruptcy. He would eventually remarry, gaining three stepchildren and another child of his own.

Speaking on the free lunch program in schools, Sinema told the press that she was one of the many children who were thankful for it. “I was one of the kids who benefited from that program because we were very poor,” she said. “I would spend my summers at elementary schools eating free breakfast and free lunch.”

2. Her Mother Marilyn Was a Housewife Who Moved the Family to Florida

After her divorce, Sinema’s mother Marilyn and her children left Arizona. She told AZ Central that the move increased the tension between her parents, particularly when it came to child support, custody rights, and Marilyn’s marriage to a Tucson school teacher named Andy Howard. After the family moved to Florida, however, they struggled to find work. Marilyn briefly worked as an aerobics instructor, and it took Howard the better part of a year to land a part-time gig at a junior college.

“We are unable to provide adequately for the children and are presently receiving welfare from …read more



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Kyrsten Sinema’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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